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In Praise of Glass Boy

My article of the fascinating soundscapes and hauntological tendencies of Glass Boy, for Pop Verse.

These continuous things

I wanted to see the throes

of the kids there

just taking over.

I wanted to go in and

out of rooms and over

the balconies and swimming pools

these continuous things

so, yeah

there was like a mile of

people at some points.

It was hard

it was chaos

it was cool

it was very much like you

would imagine it to be.

DB Fishman, 2013

Taken verbatim from ‘Spring Breakers, a riotous take on modern America’, Guardian interview with director Harmony Korine, 30/3/2013.

Installation Art 3

Row after row of round red

Balloons inflating, from small to

Full, swollen size, steadily rising

To their peaks, before

Slowly shrivelling and

Sinking back down

To the ground

And on the wall behind

In big golden glitter letters is

Written the summation:


DB Fishman, 2013

Warren Zevon: In Memoriam

Ten years after his passing, my tribute to the great songwriter and performer, on Pop Verse.

Imagine if

An optometrist shone

Their light into your eye

And before the blood vessels and

Receptors, saw some gnarly

Drifting sea centipede

Stare back at them

From the gloom.


DB Fishman, 2013

Installation Art II

‘yarn bombed’ trees, lampposts, bikes bound in bright twine

a softening of the built environment

the palimpsest of graffiti strung walls

stripping streaks of cleaning bleach just one more layer

the past of sun-worn, rain-torn poster remains

club nights, campaigns, celebrations clinging against the wind

the opening hours of the shopping arcade

by the shutters, bolted to the wall in stainless steel

initials gouged deep in long-set concrete patches

entrenched testaments to opportunity

cracks running through rain-soaked concrete blocks

great murals of interminable infinity


in the concrete underpass’s

shadows filled with sprouting weeds

in dripping black spray paint

the wall reads



this patina we create

of damage & scraped additions

posterity through interference

a permanent record,

testimony; when we are gone

They can judge us by our leavings


DB Fishman, 2013

Mercury Switch

looking at myself


I am fat

I am old

and then I



I am the embodiment

Of all that will finally

Decisively bring this


                     to rubble.


DB Fishman, 2013

You’ll Never Live As Long As A Legend

He has a reputation to maintain

The big man must be seen to give it large

Even with his youthful exuberance long past

The audience needs its talisman

So it’s a dab of momentum on the fingertips

A little kickstart - though spark plugs are burning -

For one more surging leap of faith, as the sallow skin turns slack

And the heart muscle’s ripping to shredded beef.


DB Fishman, 2013